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DTC Event October 2018

Join Us! Optimizing Operations (Members Only)

Once upon a time, the state-of-the-art solution for optimizing production operations was MES/MOM. With the advent of modern software platforms and machine learning, does using a monolithic app like this still make sense? ARC's Greg Gorbach, who leads the Digital Transformation Council Steering Committee and heads up ARC's Digitization and IIoT research team, will introduce some preliminary research about new trends in optimizing operations.

Adoption of Analytics for Industrial, Infrastructure, and Smart Cities Use

From creating new business models to achieving margin-boosting operational optimization, analytics power digital transformation. However, adoption rates of analytics, particularly techniques such as machine learning, vary widely across different markets and organizations. Many are still trying to understand how to best employ these analytics. ARC Advisory Group is researching differences in these adoption rates. Your participation will provide insight into the rate of adoption of analytics, where their use is most prevalent, and who is involved organizationally. We will share the results with all participants so you can better understand if your efforts are on par, leading, or lagging in comparison with peer organizations.

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