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DTC Event September 2019

Open Automation and the Future Workforce

The transition from closed to open process automation systems is a time when the required skills of suppliers, system integrators, and most especially end users will be far different than today’s market.

Moving towards a “plug and play” world of process automation, the need for deep technical skills may likely split, with a more marked distinction between process knowledge and process automation skills on the one hand vs. systems management, software development and deployment, and administration on the other. This presentation will cover the current directions in IT application development/deployment and discuss how this may map into future automation systems, with a focus on what the associated skill sets will be.

Join this meeting to:

  • Get an overview of the software architecture of Open Process Automation systems
  • Gain insight into the types of future automation products and services that might be available
  • Share insights and learn from your peers

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Myths & Realities of Predictive Maintenance- Tuesday, August 13, at 11 AM Eastern Time  

Join this members-only web meeting to discover how predictive maintenance is being used today in industrial operations, and what initiatives are planned.  ARC analyst Ed O'Brien, who covers analytics and asset management, will provide introductory comments.  Members will share lessons learned about the topic—what works, what doesn't, and why. 

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