Committee Members

The role of a Digital Transformation Council Steering Committee is to serve as the central governing body of the DTC under the shared decision-making model. Specifically, the role of the Steering Committee is to provide:

  • Input to strategy
  • Input to policies and rules
  • Day-to-day decision making
  • Web Meeting topics and agenda
  • Obtain approvals by DTC

Mike Dudzic

General Manager, Process Automation

ArcelorMittal Dofasco

Mike’s organization is responsible for all the supervisory control systems and applications which include the development of many novel, advanced technology applications applied in both manufacturing and commercial business units.

Brent A. Kedzierski

Head, Learning Portfolio and Innovation

Shell Downstream Inc.

Brent has driven global strategies at Shell for nearly 20 years and currently leads Royal Dutch Shell’s efforts to leverage simulation based learning as a strategic and competitive capability. Brent also manages all learning portfolios across Downstream Manufacturing as well as Manufacturing’s journey to leverage digitization for learning to help make Shell the world’s most competitive and innovative energy company.

Valentijn de Leeuw

Vice President

ARC Advisory Group

Valentijn's responsibilities include research and consulting in the process industries, with a focus on clients in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.


Jesus Flores-Cerrillo

Associate R&D Director

Praxair Inc.

Jesus has 20 years of experience in the development and implementation of advanced process control, advanced analytics solutions and monitoring technologies.  Jesus has been with Praxair since 2004 where he currently manages the R&D Smart Operations Group.

Greg Gorbach

Vice President, Digitization and IoT

ARC Advisory Group

Greg spearheads ARC's transformative technologies for industry initiatives, including Analytics and Big Data, Cloud Computing, Mobility, and Industrial Internet of Things.

Deon F Rae 

Senior Advisor, Process Automation 

Chevron Energy Technology Company

With more than 40 years in the industry, Deon is recognized for his leadership of the area of Process Automation and technology management, setting the strategic direction for Chevron while influencing various key automation supplier’s product roadmaps.

Mike Guilfoyle

Director of Research

ARC Advisory Group

Over two decades, Michael has assisted organizations, including numerous Fortune 500 companies, in identifying and capitalizing on growth opportunities presented by the modernization of the energy, technology, and telecommunications industries.